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21.03.2011 17:09
Triumph RR750 for Sale Antworten

I am offering for sale a Triumph RR750. I bought the motorcycle in 1989 and, unfortunately, there was no paperwork to go with it or other information about the origin of the bike.
I started restoration of the bike several months ago, but have not achieved much as there are some components missing (the main ones are: oil pump, magneto, chain covers, clutch cover). So far the frame, fork, mudguards, tank and cylinders were sandblasted and cleaned (please note the holes at the bottom of petrol tank). Engine was opened for inspection only and nothing else was done.
The engine itself is well preserved, inside cylinders are round with very little wear, however, one of the pistons is not original. I cannot tell which one, but I presume it is the one stamped “Mahle”. I will include two gearboxes with the motorcycle – one is a Burman, the other is an unknown make. Both gearboxes are not original, but should fit the bike.
I am attaching pictures of the bike before the sandblasting and after. Please let me know if you need additional pictures or information and I will try to provide as quickly and as accurately as possible.
I am selling this bike very reluctantly, as I recently acquired another motorcycle which I wanted for a long time, and I cannot afford to restore both of them. I have also come to realize that I am lacking both resources and spare parts to do a quality restoration on the RR750. Therefore I am offering it for sale, hoping that it will find a good owner and will be restored to its former glory.
Please send me your offer with a price for the entire bike. I will be accepting offers by end of April, however, I may sell the bike at anytime should I receive an offer that I like. I will respond to everyone, acknowledging that I have received the offer. I will not swap, trade or sell individual parts. Please do not ask for that.

To see pictures, please visit:

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