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judderman Offline

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07.01.2013 22:19
TWN B200 Antworten

Hi and sorry my german is very poor but. . . .

Hi, I'm judder man or blanco to my friends. From yorkshire UK

I've recently picked up my first bike.

Its a Triumph with German origins.

I have a triumph Twn B200, 200cc 2 stroke and have joined the forum in the hope of finding a repair manual maintainance manual or any information that is better than the limited info available on google.

Any info on a triumph 200 2 stroke engine would be good or any early manuals that may be useful re interpreted as a guide for oils service mix etc would be good

Any advice on what to do check etc before first start?

I have 2 dip sticks one i guess for the gearbox oil which reads above min and a second in the primary start/clutch chamber? but this area is dry.

Also I am in need of a bing vergaser A2/22 carb, All control cables and the cylinder tool box? under seat in the frame.

Hi, and hope you guys can help.


Admin Offline

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08.01.2013 21:35
#2 RE: TWN B200 Antworten

Hi judder man

please send me your mail adress by privat mails. Probably I'm able to provide you some information.

Best regards

judderman Offline

Beiträge: 2

09.01.2013 00:04
#3 RE: TWN B200 Antworten

I believe I have sent a PM thanks for your offer to help.

moreau bruno Offline

Beiträge: 1

12.10.2015 14:18
#4 RE: TWN B200 Antworten

Bonjour Bruno de BORDEAUX FRANCE,je cherche a demonter mon embrayage sur une B204 peu tu m'aider merci tel 0684498491

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